The Value of Coastal Wetlands for Hurricane Protection, Ambio 37(4);241-248

Regression model using 34 major US hurricanes since 1980 with the natural log of damage per unit GDP in hurricane swath and the natural logs of wind speed and wetland area in the swath. Wetland areas as statistically significant, explaining 60% of variation. 1 hectare of wetlands lost = USD 33,000 in hurricane damage.
Costanza, R., O. Perez-Maqueo, M.L. Martinez, P. Sutton, S.J. Anderson and K. Mulder, 2008.
Date (Year): 
2 008
Citation : 
Costanza, R., Perez-Maqueo, O., Martinez, M. L., Sutton, P., Anderson, S. J., & Mulder, K. (2008). The Value of Coastal Wetlands for Hurricane Protection. Ambio, Vol 37, No. 4. Royal Swedish Academy of Science.
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