NIST GCR 10-930: A Framework for Defining and Measuring Resilience at the Community Scale: The PEOPLES Resilience Framework

The second report, NIST GCR 10-930, was put together with a grant to MCEER at the University at Buffalo.  Chris Renschler and Andrei Reinhorn were the main thinkers behind this report as well as Dave Butry and Bob Chapman from the Nist EL AEO who  were very active in coordinating the production of this report.  What emerged was the “PEOPLES Resilience Framework,” which treats the concept of disaster resilience across the seven dimensions that underlie the purposes and functions of most modern communities.  Although the framework is not fully operational, it highlights the potential for developing a holistic approach to measuring disaster resilience that can provide the basis for quantitative and qualitative models for improving the resilience of the Nation’s communities.
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Chris Renscheler & Andrei Reinhorn
Date (Year): 
2 010
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