Welcome to the Mitigation Clearinghouse

This Clearinghouse serves to provide a dynamic resource library, thereby improving discovery and accessibility of mitigation related literature. The Clearinghouse serves the mitigation community by centralizing such literature, thereby providing a body of knowledge that can be easily discovered, accessed, assessed, and integrated into further research and decision making processes. By compiling such information into a single focal point, mitigation related activities can be streamlined, providing researchers and decision makers with easy access to such information.

The challenge that the clearinghouse hopes to address is the static nature of literature and research once it has been published. By developing this Clearinghouse, the MMC hopes to develop a living repository of mitigation related information, aiding in the discovery of various research and publications. As new best practices emerge or evolve, the MMC hopes to capture this information and make it available to the general public. In our evolving and changing world, practitioners need access to the best available information in their field. In order for important work to realize its full potential, it is essential that information be accessible in a dynamic environment that can support the continual expansion of new knowledge as it develops.